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Werewolves who claim sovereignty over septs and responsibility for the welfare of their members and protectorates are known as Sept Leaders. While she is advised by the Council of Auspices, the Sept Leader is the final authority when it comes to her sept. A Garou becomes a Sept Leader by defeating her predecessor in a ritualized challenge vetted and approved by the Master of the Challenge. If she falls in battle, then her duties fall to the Warder until the sept's Council of Auspices names a new Sept Leader via unanimous vote, or until another defeats all potential challengers.


  • Interpreting and enforcing the Litany within the protectorate of the sept.
  • Approving new members into the community.
  • Exiling the undesirable or dangerous.
  • Dividing the spoils of war and territory of the protectorate.
  • Sanctioning breaches of sept law.
  • Performing the Rite of the Hunt.
  • Awarding and punishing those under her jurisdiction by assigning greater and lesser monikers.
  • Issuing orders and mandates related to the security and protection of the sept to anyone within the Protectorate.

Alpha's of the Bluepelt Sept: